About me



I am a qualified Solicitor and DE EU (Credit Union Development Educator), and therefore have enhanced insight and understanding of credit union business models and the issues faced by the sector. I am passionate about helping the movement grow in today’s fiercely competitive financial services market. I have true understanding of the philosophies and objectives of the movement and provide a unique credit union service. I am recognised as such by the Financial Conduct Authority's Credit Union Section.


The FCA has granted me permission to use the protected words 'Credit Union' in my business title. This term is normally the reserve of credit unions, trade bodies and affiliated stakeholders but is not normally the remit of sole traders. I have been given this special permission because I have demonstrated to the regulator that I have the requisite skills and experience to provide the services offered. 

At the time of writing this webpage, it is believed that I am the first qualified lawyer recognised by the FCA as a Credit Union Legal and Regulatory Compliance Consultant. That’s what makes me different…….